Ächtung Kraft

Fits 1964-1989 manual window crank Porsche 911’s. CNC  aluminum construction shaped to fix the problem of stock and other aftermarket cranks that rub the door panel material. Two finish options: Satin Hard anodized black or Matte Silver Powdercoat.

Comes without inserts, aluminum speed hole inserts (raw or black) are available for $25 extra.

Custom insert options, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass laser cut to your vision available for $40 a pair (order and we can coordinate via email) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lucas Deutsch
Perfect window crank handles

I’m so excited to have found these all-metal window cranks and knobs. This fixes the wobbly rubber factory knobs that feel like they’re going to break every time I use them. I love the near-factory look of these handles.

Ray Kanda
Best window cranks on the market!

I bought these for my dad’s mid year Porsche and they look amazing! Easy install, amazing quality and detail. No complaints!

Harry Audell
Window Crank Handles

I give these window crank handles 5/5 stars. They are well made and have a Porsche-like look to them that makes them a great substitute for the original handles. I purchased the black handles with the checker insert. They look great on the doors. I needed these handles handles for the additional clearance over the door panels to prevent scratching. A couple of suggestions may be noteworthy: 1) the allen head screw that attaches the knob to the handle is a little tight which requires a bit of loosening to make the knob turn easier, 2) if the door panel is too puffy this handle may still rub the panel, try finding a flat-head allen-head screw to replace the round-head screw for the knob. This will get you a few additional millimeters for that added clearance, 3) maybe a black plastic plug to cover the handle screw hole might improve the appearance. Perhaps this plug could be offered as a option when purchasing the handle, 4) I found that the black plastic rosette (901-552-891-20) that covers the hole in the panel a little larger in diameter than the butt-end of the handle. Perhaps a rosette that is the same diameter as the handle would be less noticeable and could be made as an purchase option. All-in-all, these handles will not only solve the rubbing problem on the panels they will look great on the doors. Thanks Achtung Kraft for inventing these handles for all of us classic 911 owners.

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