"Synthetic" Woven Leather Patterns (Tartan, Houndstooth, Custom)

Ächtung Kraft


We will work with you to design the right Patterns / Plaid / Tartan / Houndstooth design that fits your build, we can create custom weaves in synthetic leather. You contact us, we design a pattern and color palette that will work with your build. 


  1. Two Color Weaves of 27” Wide x 17’ @ $1,200 Each Roll
  2. Three Color Weaves of 27" Wide x 17' @ $1,750 Each Roll
  3. Four Color Weaves of 27" Wide x 17' @ $2,000 Each Roll

We include the design cost in the price so we can customize a design for you.

Email us to plan an order.

DUE TO CUSTOMIZATION: All custom pattern weaves are sold as a 27" wide X 17' Long Roll. This is enough for seat inserts, door panels and dash insert on a 1965-1989 Porsche 911. 

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