AC Kool'n Duct (Air Conditioning/ClassicRetrofit Version) - 911 Under dash duct for better air flow - SOLD ONE (1)

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AC DUCT IS SOLD One (1) Per Order

This version is for cars with Air Conditioning/ClassicRetrofit conversion Air Conditioning. It divides the footwell vent to allow recirculation of air from the front area and blows cool air through the vent. If you have stock Porsche AC order our standard Kool'N Duct.

Two Variations:

A) Duct and Divider Only = $44

B) Duct, Divider + Controllable Front Vent = $87

Tired of being hot with no airflow in your 1969 to 1989 911, these ducts redirect the footwell air ducts to blow cool outside air into all your "right" places. Stop driving in the heat and getting all the stink... Buy your "Kool'n Duct" today and keep the airflow moving to all the right parts!  These work by directing the air right to you vs to the back of the footwell.

DUCT is sold as One (1) AC Kool'n Duct Per Order
Our 911's have two footwell ducts, one for the driver + one for the passenger, so you will need to order 2 if you want to do both Drivers and Passengers sides.

Cooling Duct, Cool Duct, Cool'n Duct...

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