Ruchlos Rallye


Alright, you applied, you’re in, you (hopefully) booked your digs.

First up, let’s recap the dollars and cents of this shindig. The registration fee is $85 for each car/driver and a co-driver runs you an extra $30. These fees cover your route book (both shiny old school print copy and digital access via the Calimoto app) and of course rally swag for ya’ll. We got the usuals and then some surprises along the way.

It’s the good stuff, trust us.

Once you pay we will send you a link to the registration questions, we know some of these questions are redundant with the app, but we want to make sure we got our duck(tail)s in a row, ya dig?

As always, any questions, hit us up at or on IG. Leggoooo!


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