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2018 Roadtrip: Day 2 - Midwest To Rennsport Reunion VI

End of Day 2 and we are in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today was the longest drive of the four.

Got on the road around 7:15 to a cool, overcast day straight west on I80 for an hour or so before stopping at the Oasis that was Starbucks.

Back on the road and finally left Nebraska, entering into Wyoming and the first major city, Cheyenne. Wyoming met us with the largest posted speed limit I’ve ever seen at 80mph.


Looked like rain for just a little while and it even spit on us for a couple seconds. Still on I80 West the flat land gave way to Hills and ultimately mountains as we passed through the Continental Divide with sustained winds at 40+ mph. Hanging on for dear life we finally wandered into Utah, through Park City and an awesome twisty highway dropping down elevation into Salt Lake City. Total mileage was around 720 miles and a duration of about 10 hours with stops. Tony Sottile, Jessie, and I walked to a well-deserved dinner before coming back to the hotel where Bryan Rasch flew in from Milwaukee to pick his car up tomorrow and continue the journey with us.

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