Extended Turn Signal and Wiper Stalks (sold as Pair) - Porsche 911 (1" or 2")

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We will product this part if we can get 20 orders by December 13, 2020 05:31 ordering will put you on the list of pre-orders. Products will ship in 6-12 weeks from the time of successful funding of pre-order campaign.

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Big and Tall Porsche 911 extended stalks to make the driving experience better. We add 1" or 2" spacers to make the driving position fit our height, but the stalks end up being too far away. We have design some sweet slotted CNC Aluminum, black hard anodized stalks that reset your stalks to the right closer position. Get out and drive with these stalks. Easy install, replaces the plastic stock stalks.

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Type: CNC parts

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