Kool'n Duct - 911 Under dash duct for better air flow - SOLD ONE (1) PER ORDER

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DUCT IS SOLD One (1) Per Order

Tired of being hot with no airflow in your 1969 to 1989 911, these ducts redirect the footwell air ducts to blow cool outside air into all your "right" places. Stop driving in the heat and getting all the stink... Buy your "Kool'n Duct" today and keep the airflow moving to all the right parts!  These work by directing the air right to you vs to the back of the footwell.

DUCT is sold as One (1) Kool'n Duct Per Order
Our 911's have two footwell ducts, one for the driver + one for the passenger, so you will need to order 2 if you want to do both Drivers and Passengers sides.

Cooling Duct, Cool Duct, Cool'n Duct...

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Terry Crammer
Nice addition to my ’83.

Makes you wonder what Porsche was thinking, not having this design from the get go. Really nice breeze in important areas, highly recommend.


Does what it says on the tin: no longer is air directed at my feet! Takes less than a minute to install.

Dave K
pleased with my cooled balls

we purchased these to compliment a classic retrofit electric compressor AC system for our customers 1971 911. classic retrofit makes a version of these that swivel, however were almost double the cost, so we are quite pleased to have found you all. Our only issue is that on the 1971, the amount of clearance around the passenger side vent and the forward footwell/firewall is almost non existent, I had to file down the back edge of the plastic to almost a knifes edge to make it sit level. Drivers side had more clearance and fit perfectly. despite my modifications I was pleased with the strength of the plastic. also great stickers came with it

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