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The GT/k Active Muffler A New Standard of Performance, Sound, and Versatility for Your Air-Cooled Porsche  

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Introducing the GT/k Active Muffler from Achtung Kraft – the perfect addition to your classic Porsche. This high-performance muffler is designed to optimize your Porsche's performance using the latest active muffler technology, while retaining the classic air-cooled Porsche sound that you know and love. Its active valve system allows you to adjust the exhaust note, giving you a deep, rich tone when closed, and an aggressive race car-inspired sound when opened. It's the ultimate way to enhance your Porsche's performance without sacrificing its iconic sound

Our Active GT/k Muffler offers FOUR distinct sound profiles to ensure that drivers have the flexibility to tailor their vehicle's sound to any occasion, driving style, or personal preference. We have tuned each mode to keep a more mild idle, while unleashing the sounds when the revs climb. With the ability to switch between Touring/Sport (with the silencer insert) or  Rebel/Rowdy (no insert), Porsche enthusiasts can enjoy a versatile and dynamic auditory experience, progressively increasing in aggressiveness and loudness, all from a single muffler.

TOURING // CLOSED - with Silencer
The Touring sound profile is tailored for those seeking a refined and sophisticated exhaust note. It provides a mellow and subtle sound, allowing for a comfortable and relaxed driving experience. It is perfect for daily commuting, long highway drives, or occasions when a discreet and elegant exhaust note is desired. Touring mode delivers a sporty exhaust note that is great for everyday drives.

SPORT // OPEN - with Silencer
The Sport sound profile offers a more dynamic and spirited exhaust tone, enhancing the driving experience with a noticeable presence. It provides a deeper and throatier sound, amplifying the engine's performance characteristics when over 2k RPM. The Sport mode delivers a satisfying growl and increased volume compared to the Touring mode, ideal for spirited driving on winding roads or when desiring a more engaging driving experience.

REBEL // CLOSED - NO Silencer
For those seeking a more aggressive and attention-grabbing exhaust note, the Rebel sound profile delivers an assertive and powerful tone. It combines a deep rumble with increased volume, making a bold statement and turning heads wherever you go. The Rebel mode is suited for those who want their Porsche to be noticed and prefer a strong and captivating sound, while still maintaining a refined edge.

ROWDY // OPEN - NO Silencer
The Rowdy sound profile represents the pinnacle of intensity and performance-oriented sound. On throttle it unleashes an aggressive and thunderous exhaust note that demands attention and announces your arrival. The Rowdy mode delivers an exhilarating symphony of sound, providing an experience for those who seek the ultimate in auditory excitement. It is perfect for spirited drives, Rallyes, track days, or anytime you want to showcase the raw sound of your flat-six.

NOTE // DIRECT BOLT-ON for STOCK Exhaust Manifolds and SSIs, and any similar width header systems or V-Band Option for Custom Installs

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