RennShift Performance Shifter - For 915 Transmissions



Stick Length

RennShift Performance Shifter for 901/915 and 914 tail-shift transmissions.  Knob not included.

Also known as the RennSport Precision Shifter or RennSport Shifter or simply the RennShifter.

  • Adjustable Throw, Adjustable Spring Gates, Bronze Bushings and much more!
  • Fits 911 up to '86 with 901/911/915 transmissions.
  • Fits 914 '70-'72 with tail-shift transmission including 914/6.
  • Complete shifter makes installation simple.
  • 20% and 33% throw reduction can be changed at any time.
  • Works with factory shift knob or our optional shift knobs.
  • Automatic and manual reverse lock-pawls included.
  • Includes small RS boot.  Can be used with original factory 915 boot.

Note: shift knobs and the factory boot shown in pictures are optional extras.

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